come play Minecraft!

Alex's Stupid Server (Java only)

we have simple, community-based, no-PVP vanilla Java Minecraft server that we'd love to have you join! to keep the server safe, it is invite only.

to get invited just shoot us an email, DM us on instagram, or contact us on Discord. Please include your Minecraft username and please be patient :]

  • • No PVP or sabotoging other players
  • • Keep the chat clean and tasteful
  • • No griefing
  • • No cheating
  • • Claim your land to protect it
  • • Don't complain about the server
  • /chatcolor [color] to set color
  • /chatcolor [#HEXCODE] to set color
  • /msg [user] to message
  • /ignore [user] to mute
  • /unignore [user] to unmute

  • check land by using a stick
  • claim land by using a golden shovel
  • /trust [user] to trust completely
  • /containertrust [user] for chests
  • /accesstrust [user] for doors
  • /untrust [user] to remove trust
  • /untrust all to remove all trusts
  • /abandonClaim to delete claim
  • /abandonAllClaims to remove all claims
  • /claimExplosions to toggle TNT
  • /trapped if stuck in a claim

Community Creations

If you build something cool on the server feel free to post a picture on Discord, email us, or DM us and we'll feature it here!