Sample Sale (Size 2XL)

Sample Sale (Size 2XL)

no mockups, guaranteed! we only take photos of the actual product

NOTE: all unsold sample items will go 50% off on Black Friday and then another 50% off on Cyber Monday so check back for some good deals!

welcome to our upcycled sample sale! we took all the stuff we've acquired over the past 5 years and turned it into some unique 1 of 1 pieces.

some of this stuff is unreleased samples that needed work, others may be slight defects or misprints that are totally fine to wear but not to sell as a main line product. we tried to note all the stains, holes, or misprints.

garment quality between pieces will vary. we've slowly upped our game over the past few years so the more recent stuff is on nicer blanks. we did our best to make sure everything is priced accordingly.